Thursday, May 27, 2010

Merge Corporate Identity - College

A Corporate Identity for a new modern and Contemporary furniture company called Merge.


Letterhead, Compliment Slip, Business Card



Recent College Work

A poster advertising the Spier Contemporary Art Exhibition.

Special edition dust sleeve for a biography on Enya.

Ideas for a South African themed Bovril label.


Here's Some fun ideas for alternative barcode uses i found.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

StreetMuseum app for the iPhone

Here's a great new application for your iPhone if you plan on touring London, it overlays images from the past onto your current screen depending on your location. find more info here

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Peter Blaskovic's Escape into motion!

Escape MotionsWebsite review:
Escape Motions
Tallulah Habib

Escape into motion!
Escape Motions is the website of freelance artist Peter Blaskovic. Aside from featuring his artwork, he runs an experimental project called “I am Artist”, a collection of web apps for you to play with.

“I think with tools that inspire you, everyone can be an artist,” says Blaskovic.
The apps are java and flash-based, created with Processing - an open source programming language and environment for artists.

Some of these experimental aps allow you to create your own artwork. “Flame”, for example, allows you to create smoke effects of varying colours, defined by the speed and direction of your mouse strokes (pictured below). Completed images can be saved as high-res jpgs.

Other experiments allow you to toy with scientific principles. “Water Fluid Simulation” lets you play with water, oil and foam to see how they would react to each other in environments made up of wind and walls. “Fire Fluid Simulation” is similar but with fire, getting you in touch with your inner pyromaniac.

There are a few actual games. “The Others”, for example, is a similar game to Astroid. The rules state: “Run and don't touch the others, they don't like you and want to kill you.”

Escape Motions

All of the “experiments” are based on complex mathematics. The site is easy to navigate and yet can have you stuck there for hours. Mathematics has never been so pretty, or so entertaining. Next time you want to procrastinate, why not escape into Peter Blaskovic’s motions. You won't regret it.